If carbs make you fat, why are the Japanese so skinny?

On my most recent trip to Japan, I arrived at the buffet area of my hotel, jetlagged, hungry and ready to pile my plate high with all sorts of protein for a nutritious breakfast that would carry me through a jam-packed day.

I flipped the lid on the first chafing dish and it was just plain white rice. Well, I’m most certainly not going to eat that. I got the memo on the evils of white rice, so I’ll keep moving.

The second pot appeared to contain some sort…

I walk into the first class of the day, English Literature, and don’t dare to look up. I’m afraid someone will ask me something and I won’t understand, or they’ll make fun of what I’m wearing or some other horrible fate that is bound to befall me. …

I walk over to the nurse’s station for the fourth time and timidly ask, “Do you know how much longer it’s going to be?”

The nurse behind the desk doesn’t even bother to look up this time. “It’ll be soon,” she says as she continues to fill out a form. It’s the same response she gave me the last three times…

Here are my top takeaways after spending a year on the road:

1. God hates women’s knees

I’m not kidding. He apparently really despises them. I’m also sure that God is a man because he has no problem with any part of a man’s body.

From the Buddhist temples of Thailand, to the churches in Italy, the Hindu temples of…

Well, you’re not alone. There are no statistics on the prevalence of eco-anxiety but some researchers like Susan Clayton, Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies in Ohio, have noted that “a significant proportion of people are experiencing stress and worry about the potential impacts of climate change, and that the level of worry is almost certainly increasing.”

The environmental…


Attorney, Aspiring Writer, Student of Sustainability at UCLA and Curator of SaveThisGreenEarth on Instagram

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